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March 2015: Press Release: HFSB launched a new consultation on managing conflicts of interest. Please see the consultation paper here

February 2015: Newsletter: Hutchin Hill Capital and Kriya Capital join the HFSB, other HFSB events

February 2015: Press Release: HFSB appoints David George of the Future Fund to the Board

January 2015: Newsletter: HFSB events in Australia and other initiatives for 2015

December 2014: Newsletter: HFSB addresses emerging regulatory priorities, end of the year of report and 3rd Nordic event in Helsinki

November 2014: Newsletter: HFSB attends the SWF conference in Doha and meets regulators and investors in Asia and the Far East

November 2014: Press Release: HFSB presents the Japanese translation of the Standards in Tokyo

November 2014: Current HFSB Initiative: Review of Conflicts of Interest

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The Hedge Fund Standards Board (HFSB) is a standard setting body for the hedge fund industry and acts as custodian of the Hedge Fund Standards. This provides a powerful mechanism for creating a framework of transparency, integrity and good governance so as to maintain a high reputation for the industry, facilitate investor due diligence and complement public policy, thus serving the interests of all market participants and of the economy at large.

HFSB brings together managers, investors, regulators and investment consultants from around the world to help determine how the hedge fund industry should operate. Over 120 Hedge Fund Managers so far have committed to conform to the Hedge Fund Standards on a comply-or explain basis, accounting for over USD 700bn in AUM. Over 60 major international investors, including pension and endowment funds, sovereign wealth funds and funds of funds, have embraced the HFSB as members of the Investor Chapter to drive adoption of and improvements to the Standards.

Keeping the Hedge Fund Standards fit for purpose is an iterative process, and the HFSB responds to changes in industry practices and investor expectations by consulting publicly on improvements to the Standards from time to time. The Standards themselves create a transparency framework as complete and unambiguous as practical so that investors and regulators can make informed judgments on hedge fund managers and act accordingly. While it is not the HFSB's role to act as a regulator or to enforce compliance with the Standards, it does aim to foster an environment of transparency and thus strengthen both the soft power of investors and the hard power of regulators.

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