Bringing managers and investors together to set standards for the alternative investment industry


The HFSB Investor Chapter provides a powerful mechanism for investors to have a voice in how hedge funds should operate. As a neutral standard-setter, the HFSB brings together managers and investors to establish sensible industry standards.

The strong presence of investors in the HFSB is critically important as it ensures that the Hedge Fund Standards are meeting investor needs and increases their credibility with regulators.

By joining the  Investor Chapter, investors:

  • Have a voice in how the hedge fund industry operates by providing input into the Hedge Fund Standards.
  • Collaborate with global peers and hedge fund managers through HFSB roundtables, seminars, workshops, consultations and working groups.
  • Establish common practices that make the investor/manager relationship more predictable and efficient.
  • Develop practical, industry-wide solutions to issues as they arise.
  • Facilitate stronger hedge fund transparency through the HFSB’s “comply-or-explain” approach.
  • Demonstrate to constituents the industry’s commitment to responsible practices.

The HFSB collaborates with the investor community through its Investor Chapter and also through its mutual observer relationship with the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF), whose members represent 80% of global sovereign wealth fund assets.

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